Feb-14-2018 SAP CRM, Hybrid Roundtable @ SAP Israel

With BDA – a local SAP CRM, Hybrid consulting firm

Today – emphasis is on service

Trends highlight

  1. The customer expects the service provider to be up to date with all his/her data…. “Know Me”
  2. Chat Bot support – very hot topic and is expected to become a leader, horse-to-work service
  3. Service channels – chat, email ChatBot bot, social media, forums….

Service trends

 In a world of similar products and prices (sometimes identical – for example health insurance) the service makes all the difference!

Example: KLM message service which informs about all boarding stages

  • Personalization/ privacy – Customers want companies to know them. BUT, do not want to feel that their privacy is been compromised. New EU standards expected to limit access to privacy related data.
  • Omni-channel support:
    • The service is available all the time, on any device
    • You can start a service process on one device/channel and continue it on another device/channel
  • Speed ​​and quality of service
  • Self-service
  • IoT service using… For example, a private pool service
  • Integration of sales and service processes. For example “Try before you buy” processes require support for massive rollbacks

Zoom on the financial sector

Banks, insurance companies est. invest a lot …

Profile: Similar products, heavy regulation,

Example: Bank of Jerusalem – compensates for the lack of
branches deployment using digital

For example: a request for a digital loan.

Introduce: When a customer wants to buy and has no money the bank offers an instant loan, the transaction is made, the customer signs the loan on a mobile device, the supplier gets the money and the customer gets the product.

Author: David Liphshitz-Liron


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