Jun-27-2018: 2018 ERP annual convention by People and Computers.

Got there early beating the traffic and also got a great parking spot as a bonus!

Inside, people were still arranging their booths.

Gloomy looking young beautiful waitress patrol the area getting ready for another boring event which probably pays minimum wage…

The ERP crowd started flowing in, looking at the tasty trays of nicely organized food. They also had a gloomy look – calculating calories, I presume…

I went to the coffee bar, got myself coffee and a tiny piece of cake and sat down to write these words for you.

It was time for lectures and I focused on the ERP channel and the new sex product – SAP By Design

Really looks like a cool product (well, in terms of IT…). So I talked to the product manager and a number of partners – it’s always good to get to know the people involved.

Maybe some business will come out of it, you never know.

All the other exhibitors of ERP products sounded like a collection of colorful parrots repeating the same mantras: cloud, cloud, cloud … digital, digital, digital … flexible … our is the best…

I left the lecture area and sat, like many good people, to review my phone.

Finally came the important part of lunch, which was great as far as I am concerned (excuse me – I’m not a foodie, I am usually quite satisfied with reasonable food) …

Now the exit bit has arrived. I left good-hearted and headed north while Waze still showing a reasonable driving time.

Thus, I recorded another day of successful evasion from traffic and got home in good time to rest before the evening Mondial games.

Goodbye for now…

Author: David Liphshitz-Liron


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