2018-12, IMPACT LABS TEL AVIV (3D MFG), Co-op with WeWork

The first laboratory of its kind in the world.
Impacts Labs receives many worldwide visitors.
Impacts Labs has 3D printers for different applications, different materials, different colors.
Anyone can come to the lab with a requirement, and get advice about a suitable printer, materials, and manufacturing process.
There is a non-profit activity of working with disabled people to make custom-made personal solutions. This initiative started in Israel and today there are 15 centers in the world.

Impacts Labs offers custom workshops for various organizations

The 3D model fits the resource sharing cconcept.
Impacts Labs’ price list makes it easy to process orders and produce without overheads of purchasing.

Home Printers
An integrated printer with heads, on each head, a material/color combination to manufacture a product from several materials/colors.

Printers metal-plastic
Metal printers work usually with metal powder. There are also
Metal printers who works by heating the metal

Typical Use Cases Today:
– Prototype manufacturing
– Small production quantities manufacturing
– Lighter parts manufacturing: parts for aircraft that can sometimes be produced lighter (because due to physical constraints, using CNC will mean that the part will be heavier)
– Models for freelancers

Opportunities and Dreams:

Food printing: Pizza, meat – already possible, should become a mass product …

Organ printing – now in research

Mass customization:
Production of automobile bodies
Textile: Manufacturing according to a person size.
Electronics: LCD production (production today is very polluting)

Production of items that react to the environment. For example, a product that folds in contact with water or heat

Threats: Sensitive to hacking. can also disrupt the printer job because it is controlled by a computer and needs internet access.

Atomic-level printing / nanotechnology. Such as Nano-Dimension

Dec.13.2018 SAP Next Generation Business Intelligence- with SAP Analytics Cloud

Information is new gold (or oil…)!

Handling data such as: text, location data, images, video, 3D … within Hana.

Buzz words: Leonardo: ML, AI, PA, IOT…

Success Stories:

The railway company of Switzerland, the nation’s largest consumer of electricity.

 A project where instead of building more power stations due to power consumption at pick times, the intelligent management of energy will lower the heating temperature in the trains during those pick hours.

Intel Israel – Shai Monzon – Production and Supply Chain:

Intel Israel has been working with SAP for years on a project about using operational real-time data

Perception Change: you view a report or a dashboard, click refresh, and the
report or a dashboard, is updated!

Intel, as part of the process, have developed new processors connected to rapid memory.

Example of use for – Data Networks Concept

Launch of a new branded product: a branded vendor is connected to the stores’ POS to receive real-time sales info say, from Walmart.

Thus, the vendor is able to monitor the launch pattern and thus will meet higher demand or will not source surplus stock that will be later sold at 50% discount and will damage the brand.

Agenda (Hebrew)