Dec.13.2018 SAP Next Generation Business Intelligence- with SAP Analytics Cloud

Information is new gold (or oil…)!

Handling data such as: text, location data, images, video, 3D … within Hana.

Buzz words: Leonardo: ML, AI, PA, IOT…

Success Stories:

The railway company of Switzerland, the nation’s largest consumer of electricity.

 A project where instead of building more power stations due to power consumption at pick times, the intelligent management of energy will lower the heating temperature in the trains during those pick hours.

Intel Israel – Shai Monzon – Production and Supply Chain:

Intel Israel has been working with SAP for years on a project about using operational real-time data

Perception Change: you view a report or a dashboard, click refresh, and the
report or a dashboard, is updated!

Intel, as part of the process, have developed new processors connected to rapid memory.

Example of use for – Data Networks Concept

Launch of a new branded product: a branded vendor is connected to the stores’ POS to receive real-time sales info say, from Walmart.

Thus, the vendor is able to monitor the launch pattern and thus will meet higher demand or will not source surplus stock that will be later sold at 50% discount and will damage the brand.

Agenda (Hebrew)

Author: David Liphshitz-Liron

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