2019-02 SAP – Enterprise Project Portfolio Management Convention

You probably wondered, at one time or another, where the name SAP came from or what does it mean. Since this name doesn’t work so nice in English. I know how SAP feels as my surname is not such a great choice for the English speaking world either…
If you asked someone from SAP he/she probably said something like Systems and Applications. As an SAP veteran, I have heard some less nice acronyms, but I’m not going to share them with you today…

Anyone who attended SAP events knows very well that SAP always serves high-quality and versatile food offering. And for me, after a few weeks of dieting everything was especially delicious! (though I am proposing to apply this method to other areas in life, say, sex!)
Therefore, I would like to suggest a new acronym for SAP: Sweet and Plenty!

Anyway, enough with the chitchat…

On last Wednesday Feb-20-2019, I have attended a very nice Convention @ SAP Israel about EPPM – Enterprise Project Portfolio Management.
Actually, I have participated in a very successful E2E Big-Bang SAP project at IAI (Israel Aerospace Industries) as a lead SCM PP consultant, and later on, as an MRO consultant.

This project was really like implementing 10 different businesses in the Aerospace and Defense arena, as IAI deals with so many lines of businesses. It was a complex and very interesting assignment from which I learned quite a bit!

Therefore, it was very nice to learn about all the new features. A completely new world of project management in SAP. I would suggest to anyone using PS to review this solution.

Highlights vs. PS:

  • User-friendly ( PS on its own, is terrible! Project Managers hate it)
  • Able to manage a portfolio of projects rather than one project.
  • Complete Project Cycle management
  • Collaboration

I couldn’t help thinking how easy it would have made our lives, 11 – 14 years ago, to have all these new features available. We had struggled with the PS module and develop lots of stuff to overcome shortcomings – which are now history.
We must have invested 75% of the total custom code, and 90% of discussions on this issue! Some guys from IAI attended too, and it was nice to reminisce about on the good old times…

Looking forward to the next event!

Mr. Renato Zadro – EPPM SAP Solution Owner presentation

Mr. Renato Zadro - EPPM SAP Solution Owner presentation

Author: David Liphshitz-Liron


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