2019-06 SAP UI5 & Fiori Convention

This convention was facilitated by SAP Israel, ALTERNO.IO – SAP UI5 & Fiori experts – and John Bryce an SAP training partner. Actually, it was quite a technical review. So, I found out SAP UI5 is really a set of tools, a complete development ecosystem which continues to evolve rapidly. This is the 3rd generation of SAP UI.

As a functional consultant – important tip is that we now have 2 new expertise involved with making the new SAP UI, namely UX and UI guys, on top of the content developer.

We are not only thinking about how a screen should look like but rather on complete user experience with mobile devices on top of PC’s, responsive screens, graphics, animation est.

These new capabilities enable users, with little and sometimes with no training, who typically own smartphones, to perform SAP tasks.

This is a huge resolution which enables cheap and immediate access to SAP to all companies stuff using their own smartphones!

This may and should be translated to a leap in productivity!

Thus, this a new ball game. And we better start playing….