Jun-16-2019 SAP UI5 & Fiori Convention

This convention was facilitated by SAP Israel, ALTERNO.IO – SAP UI5 & Fiori experts – and John Bryce an SAP training partner. Actually, it was quite a technical review. So, I found out SAP UI5 is really a set of tools, a complete development ecosystem which continues to evolve rapidly. This is the 3rd generation of SAP UI.

As a functional consultant – important tip is that we now have 2 new expertise involved with making the new SAP UI, namely UX and UI guys, on top of the content developer.

We are not only thinking about how a screen should look like but rather on complete user experience with mobile devices on top of PC’s, responsive screens, graphics, animation est.

These new capabilities enable users, with little and sometimes with no training, who typically own smartphones, to perform SAP tasks.

This is a huge resolution which enables cheap and immediate access to SAP to all companies stuff using their own smartphones!

This may and should be translated to a leap in productivity!

Thus, this a new ball game. And we better start playing….

JAN-20-2019 Cyber – Protecting SAP environments in your organization


Once, ERP systems were considered “closed”.

Not anymore !

Today it is clear that these are connected to the Internet and many other business partners, and others such as suppliers that provide remote support est.

Therefore, we must consider and build appropriate defenses.

Since SAP is so widely used in Israel by defense related organizations, national infrastructure organizations and large private
organizations – the Israeli National Cyber Center department is working with SAP Israel on this important issue.

Jun-27-2018: 2018 ERP annual convention by People and Computers.

Got there early beating the traffic and also got a great parking spot as a bonus!

Inside, people were still arranging their booths.

Gloomy looking young beautiful waitress patrol the area getting ready for another boring event which probably pays minimum wage…

The ERP crowd started flowing in, looking at the tasty trays of nicely organized food. They also had a gloomy look – calculating calories, I presume…

I went to the coffee bar, got myself coffee and a tiny piece of cake and sat down to write these words for you.

It was time for lectures and I focused on the ERP channel and the new sex product – SAP By Design

Really looks like a cool product (well, in terms of IT…). So I talked to the product manager and a number of partners – it’s always good to get to know the people involved.

Maybe some business will come out of it, you never know.

All the other exhibitors of ERP products sounded like a collection of colorful parrots repeating the same mantras: cloud, cloud, cloud … digital, digital, digital … flexible … our is the best…

I left the lecture area and sat, like many good people, to review my phone.

Finally came the important part of lunch, which was great as far as I am concerned (excuse me – I’m not a foodie, I am usually quite satisfied with reasonable food) …

Now the exit bit has arrived. I left good-hearted and headed north while Waze still showing a reasonable driving time.

Thus, I recorded another day of successful evasion from traffic and got home in good time to rest before the evening Mondial games.

Goodbye for now…

Jun/27/2017 SAP new Supply Chain with Ernst & Young Israel – Trends & Challanges-

General Business Concept of EY – Present Challenges for Organizations:

Need to sell more to maintain the level of profit

It is very difficult to predict demand because the ability to purchase from anyone around the world is increasing. So there is no customers’ loyalty. This effect flows through the supply chain “I will firm my supplier’s purchase orders at the last minute, and so on.” Increases the demand for short-term planning, ie, flexible planning and supply chain responsiveness challenge.

The supply chain challenge becomes more important
Because the capacity / speed of transport has not improved much in many years (cruising speed container ships, and cargo aircraft the same).
On the other hand, the entire issue of information underwent a revolution.
That’s why you need good planning to improve performance.

Guest lectures:
Jesper Waaben & Andrea Ricciarelli,

Jesper Waaben – SAP EMEA
The enormous impact of using smartphones to do work in SAP.
Personalization = Custom Products. For example, Harley-Davidson used to be able to provide a custom motorcycle in 22 days. Today – 6 hours.

Andrea Ricciarelli – SAP EMEA
Leonardo – The Digital Supply-Chain:
1. Italian railway company underwent maintenance project. Instead of maintenance according to fixed times, to maintenance according to sensors input from trains. Reduced maintenance costs by 10% – Part of the savings are also increasing trains availability.
Hamburg Port: Increasing output without increasing the area of ​​loading/unloading containers that have physical limitations. Install IoT in all trucks and other elements to reach the situation that a truck arrives and waits only 5 minutes and thus produce more output with the same storage areas.

financial calculations/considerations within the Supply Chain

The financial calculations within the Supply Chain are very important, for example, the ability to include tax considerations in deciding where and how to deliver.

After changes in regulation, real work content should be poured into the “tax shelter”
Thus, for example, ICL, which received low taxes benefits in the Netherlands, relocated managers and performers a substantial work there.

An example of how COO CFO and COO manages issues is similar to the relief of creating an office in Cyprus where IP is held, and where most of the profits are recorded. tax-low in Cyprus remain.

CEOs want CFOs to invest more time in value creation by financializing the Supply Chain as above.